Different Types of Heels for Women -a Beginner’s Guide 


Are you a heel aficionado, you should be aware of the different types of heels for women to spruce up your fashion sense. Heels are indeed a woman’s best friend! The right type of footwear can boost your confidence while making heads turn wherever you go. The question is ‘which is the best heel for you?’  

  • Block Heels: They not only appear stylish, but also serve the purpose of solid heels distributing the overall weight of your body evenly. Therefore, they help in taking away some pressure off your front feet while allowing you to achieve a highly comfortable stand.  

  • Cuban Heels: It aims at taking a cue from boys. These are typically short to medium-sized heels and available as ankle boots, loafers, Oxfords, and other types of closed shoes. While these heels are immensely solid in appearance, they feature a slight taper towards the bottom.  

  • Comma Heels: Just like the name, these stylish heels appear as a comma. The unusual and unique crescent form of the heels delivers a fashionable statement while appearing immensely eye-catching throughout. 

  • Cone Heels: These heels are defined by the presence of a sturdy, thick base for ensuring immense security. There is also the presence of a delicate, narrow tip to improve its appearance. Cone heels are used for all types of heeled shoes. Moreover, these are available in variable heights. These heels are timeless and stylish throughout. 

  • Decorative Heels: There can be nothing dreamier than a pair of stylish decorative heels. It is amazing how inspiring footwear designers of the world put in their imagination to create pretty footwear options like decorative heels for women. 

  • Flare heels: Just like the concept of flared jeans, the all-new flare heels are also gaining immense popularity. These have been prized as highly stylish footwear pieces to flaunt your inner style. You can view them as flaunting shimmering materials throughout with the heels gradually widening towards the bottom. 

  • French Heels: These also go by the name as Pompadour Heels or Louis Heels. French heels can be regarded as the stylish variation of spool heels. Just like spool heels, French heels are available with a wider top, a thinner middle, and a curved bottom section. Moreover, these are usually on the shorter end. 

  • High Heels: These are available in all types of shapes and sizes. Every heel is around 4 inches or higher to enhance the overall look.

    While understanding different types of heels this is also important to know how to choose perfect pair of heels for women

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